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  1. Pelicans are awesome, Laughing Gulls are assholes — May 30, 2014
  2. Bahama Mockingbird and some Shiny Cowbirds at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West — April 26, 2014
  3. The Vodka House — December 21, 2013
  4. In Which I Am Nearly Killed (Killed!) By A Flying Iguana — December 15, 2013
  5. The Kings of America Photo Project — December 1, 2013

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Pelicans are awesome, Laughing Gulls are assholes

BRPE & LAGU (1 of 9) sm

I was out at the Dry Tortugas the other day, trying to get a picture of a Roseate Tern feeding, when I shot off a few frames of a Brown Pelican diving. I never get tired of seeing Brown Pelicans. They’re kind of like the John Goodman of the bird world – big and goofy …

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Bahama Mockingbird and some Shiny Cowbirds at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West

BaMo (1 of 1)

Please credit if you share any of these. It’s the decent thing to do.

The Vodka House


People just call it the Vodka House. It’s on the 1000 block of Watson Street in Key West, just off Truman, on the opposite side of Bare Assets strip club. I don’t know anyone who’s seen it and not been gobsmacked. It is an entire house decorated in lit up empty vodka bottles. There are …

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In Which I Am Nearly Killed (Killed!) By A Flying Iguana


  Sunday morning. Coffee and the New York times. Reading a story in the Style section about how hard it is to break up with someone in the age of social media because you keep seeing the details of their lives on Facebook. The dog barks. There is a panicked, scrambling noise immediately overhead in …

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The Kings of America Photo Project

Crown (1 of 31)

  There are two ways to approach talk about a photo project: explain it or don’t. This is a circuitous explaination of The Kings of America Photo Project. Our friends, the Rowans, one of central clans of Key West, have an annual, sprawling Thanksgiving potluck. Forty, fifty, sixty people show up throughout the day. Usually …

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Spoonbills, the Lower Keys and Rona Chang

Over Under 5237

I went on a short road trip up the Keys with Rona Chang a few weeks ago. Rona is a photographer and was an artist-in-residence at The Studios of Key West in October. I accused her of being a street photographer, but she said no, she is a landscape photographer who wants people in her …

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Four! Thousand! Peregrines!

  The folks at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch at Curry Hammock State Park just hit a season count of 4,000 Peregrine Falcons for this season – more than have ever been seen during a single season anywhere else in the world. Congratulation to Rafael Glavez, who runs the project (and saved it from the ash …

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Zombie Bike Ride 2013

Hedden Zombie Ride1426

I love the fact that the Zombie Bike Ride has become the locals favorite event for (unofficial) Fantasy Fest. The crowds were so big that it took almost a half hour to get across Cow Key Bridge. But then again, who expects zombies to be organized? Key Westers get very creative given half a chance. …

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Flasher at the Disco


It’s been said by the internet that if you flip a photo of bats upside down, it looks like they are dancing. I call this one “Flasher at the Disco.”

The Dry Tortugas Then, Now

The Key West Library has a pretty amazing historic photo collection, much of which they have scanned and put on their Flickr page. Some of the best images come from the Scott de Wolfe collection. Scanning through the photos of old buildings, ships and people wearing way too many layers of clothes for the tropics …

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